Experience environments in real time... remotely

Using RICOH Remote Field, you can experience live environments remotely in 360° 4K with the RICOH THETA

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Along with smart phones, PCs, tablets, these other devices can be used for a fully immersive experience.

Meta Quest

Meta Quest 2 is currently under development.

Use cases

Ricoh Remote Field can be used for diverse fields and business

  • Remote work support

    Manufacturing line, nursing care, medical care

  • A specialist repairing a car wearing a wearable camera

    Inspection work

    Firefighting equipment, outdoor facilities

  • A man doing an inspection, raising his hand to a lightbulb

    Event streaming

    Exhibitions, sports, stage, retailing

  • An event in a hall

    Remote medicine

    Nursing, nursing, medical care

  • People doing a yoga class, streaming it with a THETA

    VR education

    Lessons, hands-on learning

  • Below a bridge of a highway

    Remote presence

    Witness inspection, safety patrol, walk-through

  • Yanagawa san of Shimizu Corporation

    Shimizu Corporation & RICOH Remote Field

    First of all, you can get real-time 360° 4K video. Because the viewer can freely move the image, it is easy to grasp the overall sense of the site.

  • A man doing a safety patrol in Fukushima

    Obayashi Corporation & RICOH Remote Field

    We were able to increase our rate of doing safety patrols increase due to the fact that now we can do it remotely.

Freely choose the angle of view you want to see

With a RICOH THETA, each viewer can watch 360° video from any angle of view, so you won't miss anything.

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Use multiple wearables & cameras simultaneously

Multiple camera views can be displayed side by side—RICOH THETA will give you all the angles and you can check details with a smartphone or VUZIX M400.


Record videos & take photos for later use

Record and take photos on a RICOH THETA remotely. With a 360° viewer, you view can all angles of 4K videos and images, useable on any site.

A mouse clicking on a button that takes a 360° photo, that when pushed glows like a rainbow, and a notification pops up and says 'Download photo'

Sync others' angles to your view

With ViewMove, you can bring everyone to the view of the angle you are looking at of a RICOH THETA 360° shared view.

An animation of two web browsers with a video chat app open, side by side, each with a 360° view open, looking at the same ball from different perspectives. A user selects the item on one of the 360° views, and it syncs the other 360° view to the same angle, showing that you can sync 360° views of other users to your view in a meeting.


Features in detail

RICOH Remote Field lets you stream from the field remotely, so you can understand the whole situation.


No need to install an application. You can see all the images from a web browser.

Easy streaming

Just copy the room URL & passcode, and anyone can join right away.

Share multiple screens

Multiple people can share screens at the same time. See THETA 4K video and presentations side by side.

Remote device control

Streaming start/end, resolution/frame rate change, exposure adjustment, microphone/off, etc. can all be controlled remotely.

Individual view recording

Each view can be individually recorded. Also, taking multiple view images at the same time.

Local saving

Recordings & images of 360° THETA views & other views can all be stored locally on users' computers.

清水建設株式会社様 事例ビデオ

See RICOH Remote Field in action

See RICOH Remote Field's DX in action in various environments, such as remote Safety Patrol & others.

Watch use case video


Check out our manuals and FAQ to learn more. Also, freel free to contact us by our contact form if you have any questions.

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RICOH Remote Field Guide

Check for info about how to use RICOH Remote Field, RICOH THETA settings or streaming information

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